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The Top 7 Builders in Bangalore

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Bangalore offers its people a chance at luxury living at prices much more convenient than most other metropolitan cities. If you’re planning to invest in real estate, Bangalore is the ideal option for it offers a colourful palette of options from penthouses to villas. Moreover, if you ever feel the need to sell or lease out your property you know for sure you’ll end up with a bountiful profit. The glowing Real Estate Industry in Bangalore has been on a steady path all these years, crutching on some outstanding top real estate developers in Bangalore. Here’s a list of the top 7:

Prestige Group

Based in Bangalore, this group of builders has been in the business for almost forty years now. They have to date accomplished over 205 projects across the city of Bangalore helping shape the skyline with numerous residential and commercial projects. In retail, Industrial, Leisure & Hospitality, the Prestige Group is known for its numerous futuristic ventures. They have spread their work into other South Indian cities while working with some of the most reputed International corporations such as Marriott International or the Hilton Group. It is also one of the very few top builders of Bangalore who’ve been awarded the FIABCI award for their residential and software infrastructure. Some of the finest projects in Southern India and Bangalore have been undertaken by these real estate developers.

Sobha Developers

Sobha Developers are mostly known for their work with business services such as in IT development, constructing Convention Centres, Multiplexed, and so on. In fact, most of the city buzz on the trending real estate projects is currently being undertaken by the Sobha Developers such as Sobha The Park, Sobha Indraprastha, Sobha Santorini at City, etc. However, that’s not all their residential complexes are also some of the finest architecture of the Bangalore skyline. Their work isn’t limited to Bangalore and since their founding, they’ve undertaken nearly a hundred projects across 13 states and 24 cities in India.

Brigade Group

The Brigade Group was established in the same year as the Prestige Group, in 1986. They have representatives not just in India, but also in Dubai, the USA, and more. They’ve helped transform many cityscapes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, and so on, with some exemplary state-of-the-art residential, retail, education, hospitality, complexes, and commercial infrastructure. Their residents simply love the functionality and the signature look their projects offer.

RMZ Crop

The RMZ group only started its establishment in 2011, however, they’ve already covered over 13 million sqft. of land. They too pride their architectural ventures on their utility and functionality which is an attractive attribute, most of their clientele run after. They are known for their delivery of robust engineering, top-notch quality standards, and flawlessness in each of their projects whether residential or commercial.

Salarpuria Sattva Group

The Salarpuria Sattva Group originated in Kolkata in 1986, however, they shifted their headquarters later on to Bangalore becoming one of the most prestigious builders there. They are an eminent face in the Real Estate industry, who’ve also spread their business ventures to the world of education, and defence. Warehousing, aero accessories, and so on. They’ve covered 15 million sqft. of land producing some of the most elite commercial and residential projects.

Godrej Properties

Godrej is a name familiar to the home of many Indians and was founded first back in 1897, soon becoming a rising beacon in the Indian Independence and Swadeshi movement, Godrej Properties, however, was first established in 1990 in Mumbai. They are however easily one of the pioneering faces among the top real estate developers in Bangalore. They’ve executed over 112 projects, some of their iconic projects being Godrej Air Nxt, Godrej Nurture, Godrej Reserve, etc.

Shriram Properties

Shriram Properties is one of the top five residential real estate enterprises in the entire South India. They are known for making their housing solution affordable, keeping them top-notch and Avante garde. They’ve birthed some outstanding projects in luxury housing, commercial spaces, and so on. They are known for executing some of the most ambitious projects in the country. They were apparently the first ones to launch ‘villaments’ which gave residents the feel of a luxury villa with the utility of an apartment.

These are some of the top builders in Bangalore and if you are planning to venture into the world of real estate in Bangalore, you’d love their landmark properties, as does every Bangalorean. Investing in their properties is like investing in an upstanding quality lifestyle that is safe, secure, and luxurious – it’s a state of mind.

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