Tips to Fix HP Laptop’s Common Problems

This article is about the common problems with the HP Laptop we face in our daily life. All of the following problems are too common to ignore. Let’s see what HP users have to face from time to time. You can fix a lot of problems on your own without deep technicality. To troubleshoot the difficulties, You might require the serial number for the HP Laptop. Before you go ahead with the solutions to fix these problems, try restarting the PC, if it resolves the basic error. If the problem still persists you need to follow the below-explained steps:

Problem 1: Shutting Down of Laptop Due To High Temperature Or Heating Up Of Laptop.

Solution: Mistreatment of the HP Laptop, this can seize the airflow by the cooling fan in the laptop.

  • Dust can be a reason for the seizing up of the cooling fan. To eliminate this issue, use a laptop on hard and flat surfaces.
  • Keep away from the soft surface which hinders the airflow and leads to heating up the same.
  • Frequently, clean your laptop fan with pressurized air.
  • By limiting the number of programs running at once, because the more programs you will run it will require more space and more heat will be produced, so try limiting the number of programs.

Problem2: Boot Up Taking Longer Than The Usual And Slow Running of Laptop.

Solution: This is a very common mistake and may be because of limited space on the hard drive, malware attack, or can be a result of equipment failure.

  • There are many different ways to deal with these speed issues, for this baked-in option try using a free driver updater for windows 10 to do the space cleanup for you and boost up running speed.

Problem 3: Poor Battery Life Issues.

Solution: Working wirelessly on the laptop can lead to higher battery consumption and low standby time of the laptop.

  • For fixing this issue you need to check your charging cable and its loose connections.
  • You can drain the battery completely until it dies and then recharges it overnight. This is one of the greatest fixes to fix battery life issues. If the problem still persists, replace the battery of your HP Laptop.

Problem 4:  Issue with No Internet.

Solution: Laptops are famous for losing connectivity to the internet, which can be a major issue.

  • Before considering it as an equipment failure, try some general basic steps for fixing it.
  • On most laptops, there is a physical switch to POWER ON or OFF the Wifi, find this switch and make sure it’s in the ON position.
  • Reboot your router by unplugging your router, wait for 10-20 seconds, then plug it back in. If still facing the same trouble, troubleshoot your network connections in your control panel.
  • Finally, set up your network from the beginning to make sure all your settings are updated.

Problem 5: When You Power ON Your HP Laptop, Hear A Running Sound, But Your Laptop Displays A Black Screen.

Solution: The issue with the screen can range from black screen to screen flickering caused by multiple problems. Trying initial fix on your own you can try the method below:

  • Unplug the charging power cable, remove the battery from the battery slot, press and hold the power button for around 60 seconds. Plugin the power cord and try rebooting without the battery. Then shut down again, put the battery in the battery slot, and reboot.

Problem 6: Audio Troubleshooting and Problems With Speakers.

Solution: The microphone and the speakers can stop working due to a snag with the driver version or software. It may be because you’ve muted the microphone and you should try altering basic settings before getting into more complex fixes.

Problem 7: Video Troubleshooting and Problems With The Webcam.

Solution: Before applying any fix, try checking if the webcam is not disabled and see for the lens if it is not covered. U can try to install hp webcam drivers for updating the older versions of the drivers and smooth working of the webcam.

Problem 8: Keyboard and Touchpad Troubleshooting

  • The keyboard and touchpad may stop responding, or some of the keys can stop working on the laptop. Similarly, it’s possible that you accidentally lock your touchpad.
  • Initially, you can troubleshoot the touchpad or keyboard by updating the software or drivers for both the touchpad as well as keyboard. Next, you can try cleaning up dust in between the keys on the keyboard and on the touchpad.


If you are still facing the above-mentioned issue like If it’s running slow, or getting heated up or you have multiple issues, consider factory resetting or hard resetting your HP Laptop. This may solve many basic problems but if all these fixes didn’t work well for you, consider contacting the technical support for the HP laptop. 8 Fixes When Android Phone Does Not Connect with The PC

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