Top 4 Raincoat Manufacturing Companies in India

How many times have you lost an umbrella while being outside in the monsoon? Several times, right? Some of you might even hate to carry one out now.

Then how should you protect yourself from rain? Instead of an umbrella, you can use a raincoat for most of the time. The simple reason is that a raincoat can be helpful in protecting your wallet, mobile phone, ATM cards and other stuff better than an umbrella. Along with protecting a large portion of your body, a raincoat will protect you regardless of the direction of rain and wind, unlike an umbrella that twists and turns with strong winds.

Apart from that, to lose a raincoat you need to be very absent-minded. It gives us the confidence to move around in heavy rainfall. It is easy to fold and can be kept in a bag, which is usually provided by the raincoat manufacturer. Unlike an umbrella, a raincoat does not comes in the way of other pedestrians.

If you want to buy a raincoat this monsoon, choose one of the below mentioned top four raincoat manufacturing companies in India that manufactures the best raincoat for men.


Duckback is among the most iconic brands in India that manufacture rainwear and rain coats men. Many of us must have already worn Duckback raincoats being at school as it was the best in the market and offers excellent protection against heavy rain and wind.

Due to some labour issues and other problems, Duckback has not done well in the Indian market in the past few years. Nonetheless, the parent company Bengal Waterproof Ltd. is trying to revive the brand. Apart from the upmarket stores in India, you can also purchase a Duckback raincoat online as well.


Wildcraft is a rainwear company well-known for manufacturing raincoat for men in India.  As the name suggests, Wildcraft raincoats and rainwear are created for those who are wild, young and free. Being tough and rugged, these raincoats are suitable for riding scooters and motorcycles. Their colours and designs are highly trendy and flashy, suitable for the young generation.

Wildcraft raincoats are usually available at offline stores in urban cities. Though, it is among the top raincoat manufacturing brands in India that are in continuous demand online.


Mallcom is among the best online rainwear and PPE kit manufacturing companies in India that manufactures high-quality raincoat for men. Mallcom’s rainwear jacket and trouser range are appropriate for usage in light, moderate as well as heavy rain. Every piece is stitched with class 300 stitching technique. Along with that, all exposed seams are sealed with sealing tape, hence making the rainwear completely waterproof.

The detachable hood is available with a drawstring adjuster and both the jacket and trouser materials are PU coated. To buy one, you can visit the Mallcom website. They are also available on other e-commerce websites as well.


Being a formidable name in the market since 1980, Aristocrat manufactures extremely high quality and trendy products including raincoats and rainwear. The modern designs, styles and colours of Aristocrat raincoats attract the younger Indin generation. These are among the most used raincoats in the North-Eastern states of India where some of the highest rainfalls in the world have been recorded.

Raincoats from Aristocrat are not like any other raincoats. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable to use. People who belong to regions that witness mist, dense fog, dew and damp conditions, can use it all year round. Being available in all styles, these raincoats match the style of most people. You can buy them from the official Aristocrat website.

Wrapping It Up

After knowing the benefits of using rain coats men, try one from the above-mentioned list of the top four raincoat manufacturing companies in India.

But why buy raincoats from Indian brands?

Because Indian manufacturers offer a warranty on faulty manufactured products whereas, other Asian countries won’t offer you the same. Along with that, Indian manufacturers design and create their products while keeping the local conditions in mind. They can be much sturdier as compared to other foreign brands. So, it’s recommended to purchase raincoats from Indian manufacturers.

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