Where to find the best quality poker chip sets online?

A set of quality poker chips can add up to the enjoyment and experience of the players while conducting a home poker game. Low-quality, plastic poker sets need to be avoided in any way possible. It’s always better to spend a few extra bucks and purchase high-end quality poker chips set.

Before going through the best quality poker set online, let us find out what are the different types available, which one to consider and what to avoid.


Different types of poker chips

The quality and durability of a poker chip set depend on its construction and the type of material used. Poker chips can be categorised into 5 types.

  • Plastic: This is the cheapest kind of poker chipset mostly associated with the $10 kind found generally at the corner store. These kinds of chips are good for kids only and can be used to play tiddlywinks. Only a few brands are available that provide decent quality plastic poker chips.
  • Plastic with metal slug: This type of poker sets is available with a metal core inserted along with very basic markings on them. Sellers often recommend them for being “casino grade”, but don’t get fooled. These are often very poorly made.
  • China Clay: This type of poker chipset is the entry model grade for quality chips. You can find some attractive chips in this category, but the durability is mostly lacking.
  • Premium Clay: These poker chipsets are mostly good in quality having a casino grade feel at an affordable price. They are one of the better choices if you do not like the feel of “slick” ceramic chips.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic poker chips set is usually the top choice among professional players. They come with an inlay design (not a sticker). Talking about quality and weight, no chips can beat ceramic chips. Almost 90% of professional poker players prefer to play with ceramic chips.


Top 03 poker chips set manufacturers

●      One Eyed Jack

The Swashbuckler Black Milano Premium Clay Poker Chips Set offered by One Eyed Jack is among the best premium clay poker chips set available online. The regal and noble design mimics the trend of upscale poker rooms and creates a palace-like atmosphere.

The royal design makes the Milano chips stand apart from other chipsets available online. Also, the inlay of these chips is heavily influenced by luxurious Bellagio Casino Chips.

●      Scroll

Having a simple and elegant design, Scroll Ceramin Poker Chipset is among the most preferred choice for high-quality poker chips among professional players. They are neither flashy nor gimmicky and less likely to go out of style. Apart from aesthetics, the numbers on these chips are easy to read, as well as the denominations are listed on the sides.

They have more texture to them as compared to other chips which are liked by many players. Though, this coarse texture can be irritating for some players as well who mostly like poker chips with smooth surfaces.

●      Nile Club

Ceramic poker chips offered by Nile Club have a harder and denser feeling along with a unique design. They look cool in every way. Also, if you are in search of a bigger denomination variety, this might be the perfect choice for you. These ceramic chips are made up of very hard plastic, making them feel like real ceramic.

The design of these chips has an Egyptian theme, making it the top choice for history nerds. The interesting, unique, yet simple look makes them a big hit, no matter what type of home game you are playing.

Wrapping It Up

The above-mentioned companies are undoubtedly the best poker set online manufacturers. Each of them has its specialities. So don’t forget to go through their detailed description before making a purchase. To know more about One Eyed Jack poker sets and other products, please visit the website.

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