Ways to Manage Workspace-Related Pain


Experiencing pain while working is a common problem among everyone. Whether it is a simple headache, backache, or any other kind of discomfort, the efficiency of our work is greatly affected when pain strikes.

Workspace-related pain is usually caused by the nature of the work people do. For instance, those who are sitting long hours a day in front of a desk or computer usually experience lower back pain, wrist discomfort, neck stiffness, and other similar discomfort. Instead of taking pain medications regularly, why not try out these techniques that are proven effective to give you relief in a natural way. Read along to learn more.

Watch Your Posture

A lot of people complaining about chronic back pain usually don’t practice good posture while sitting or standing in their work. Slouching causes the back muscles to be more stressed which turns into chronic back pain when left untreated. With good posture, you could keep your muscles strong and less fatigued while being sure that you are looking at your best stance while doing your work. You could use things with ergonomic design, such as an ergonomic office chair, to help maintain good posture whether you’re standing or sitting.

Move Around

Even if your job consists of sitting or standing for long hours in one spot, you still have a break time somewhere in the day. Use this time to move around and stretch your body to release fatigue and have a little moment of relaxation even just for a few minutes. Walk around, stretch, or even do some simple exercises in place to loosen up those stiff muscles.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The shoes you wear play a huge role in how comfortable you are in the workplace. Although it might look good to wear those high heels, it is not advisable especially if your work involves standing for long durations. Look for flat comfortable work shoes that has good support in the arch plus has plenty of room for the toes. These shoes are more comfortable to wear even for the whole day, plus you don’t have to worry about foot problems like blisters or calluses when you wear the right work shoes.




Avoid Lifting Too Heavy Objects

There are some times that we need to carry a heavy object from one place to another. Lifting objects that are too heavy for you is one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. It could lead to a back injury which could sometimes involve deeper parts like the spine. If you think that load is too heavy for you, don’t force yourself to lift it. Ask for a colleague’s help instead to share the heavy load. If you’re doing a lot of lifting in your work, be sure to practice the proper way of lifting objects to avoid pain and injury.

Coping with pain in the workplace is an essential part of maintaining our efficiency as good workers. Try out those tips mentioned above to lessen the chances of a painful workday.

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