What do you need to know before you get into IPL betting?

Cricket in India is more than a sport. Indians are deeply connected to the game that involves hundreds of emotions. Every year, between the months of March and May, a seven-week league returns when multiple teams play against each other from all over India. Cricket fanatics await the India Premier League (IPL) every year and support their favorite teams.

In recent times, IPL is not only just a cricket league, but also a popular tool for online betting. However, before you bet on IPL teams in 2022, you shall consider several factors that boosts your chances of winning. 

What is the IPL?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket tournament featuring 8 teams that represent 8 different cities in India. The final reward is the largest sum in T20 cricket in India, that is 200,000,000 INR.

Started in 2008, the IPL is a relatively new tournament in the Indian cricket spectrum that has gained immense popularity and would continue to do so in near future. The final four teams who come out week-long matches, will be subjected to the playoffs. The playoffs, in turn, comprises two qualifiers, an elimination round and the final match that decides the winner team for this year’s IPL tournament. 

Useful IPL betting tips for beginners

As the IPL gained momentum, more renowned people across the world saw it as an amazing opportunity to bid and earn from the matches. Many online betting sites are available that hosts live betting on IPL teams in 2022. These sites are authorized and legitimate and the betting is conducted over the digital media.

If you are a beginner in this field, you might be curious to know about how the entire IPL betting sphere works. Needless to say, betting is not always about the luck factor and you need to do your research before you root your money on a team of players. Some of the important tips you can refer to are listed below.

  • Know your budget

Before you opt for betting, it is always advisable to set your budget beforehand. Betting online involves pre-deposited funds. If you know your budget, it will be easier to deposit your betting money, rather than taking chances and depositing without regulations. You must make sure that you bet responsibly. 

  • Consider the odds

The odds greatly influence the profit or loss of funds if you win or lose a bet. In online betting, these odds play a primary role in choosing the most profitable betting strategies.

If you are not too familiar with this term, let us explain with an example. If you bet 1000 INR on Kolkata Knight Riders, with winning odds at 1.65, you will get a profit margin of 650 INR. Upon winning you will get your original bet amount + 650 INR, which sums it up to 1650 INR. As a beginner, don’t bet at too high odds to avoid major losses.

  • Research about the teams


Guessing plays a role in IPL betting, although not a major one. Thus, you need to do your research to study the probability of you winning the bets. Here, you need to consider vital elements of the teams like strengths, weaknesses and their performance records of the former years. 

You can refer to online reliable resources to check different teams performances over the years as per the T20 statistics. Focus on the winning teams and their consistency before selecting a team you want to bet on. 


  • Play it safe


When it comes to individual player betting, you need to play it safe and increase the effectiveness of your research. These both Indian and International players are often in the limelight due to their consistently outstanding performance in different tournaments.

If you are a beginner in the game, it is safer to go for players that have notable records and IPL statistics. 

How to choose a reliable site for betting?


Once you are familiar with the IPL betting spectrum and how to bid wisely, you need to choose a renowned and reliable website to bet on. You can refer to these factors before choosing the website you want to use for the 2022 IPL.


  • Check the offers, bonuses and other amenities
  • See if their customer support is responsive 24/7
  • Verified payment methods
  • Check if your data is secure with the website
  • Check the user-convenience factor of the site’s interface


The IPL is a part of the T20 league in India when different players from all around the world unite in a seven-week long cricket tournament. If you are looking for tips and hacks to get into the IPL betting sphere, you must do your research and lay your odds in the game.

The research should involve a thorough insight to the IPL 2022 final players list to know the teams and players you are rooting for. Also, while choosing the right website for online betting, you need to be careful and check for reviews on the Internet.

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