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Yoga For Anxiety: Poses & Benefits For Beginners

yoga for anxiety

Anxiety is the number one cause for feeling low, helpless, and restless. The reason could be anything from an incapability to decide to mere confusion. So, coping with this feeling of anxiety should be the first step you need to take. For that, the simplest and the most effective pathway is to practice yoga for anxiety.

The art of yoga has numerous techniques that help you release feelings of stress or anxiety from your mind and body. With that said, here are some basic yoga poses to counter anxiety and stress. Also, don’t forget to check out the benefits of practicing yoga for anxiety. Read on.

Basic Poses of Yoga For Anxiety

Legs Up The Wall

It is one of the most effective and simplest poses of yoga for anxiety you should incorporate into your yoga practice. With each breath, stress and tension are released from your body, especially your legs.

Moreover, it helps release mental tension from your mind. Moreover, you get a calm, relaxed, and fresh body. Also, it helps in the detoxification of your mind by removing negative emotions from your being.

Tree Pose

One of the best grounding poses is the Tree pose. The practice of this pose helps balance your core. Not just that, practicing the Tree pose improves the single-leg strength of your body.

When you breathe while balancing your body on your leg, it helps you become aware of your body. You learn to control your emotions when you exercise control over your breath. This helps in keeping the feeling of anxiety in check.

Child’s Pose

When it comes to relaxing your body and mind, Child’s pose is one of the best yoga poses for you. It removes fatigues from your legs, especially hamstrings. So, make sure you include this pose in your yoga routine.

Also, practicing the Child’s pose helps decompress your spine. You feel a little loose when you regularly practice this pose. It puts a little pressure on your stomach that forces the stale air out from your body.

Cobra Pose

Helplessness occurs when you fail to move your body as per your choice. So, you feel stuck and frustrated. To counter the physical incapacity, the Cobra pose is one of the best yoga poses you should practice.

Practicing the Cobra pose makes your spine flexible, agile, and mobile. Hence, you move more freely without feeling any discomfort. So, it should be in your routine of yoga practice.

Standing Forward Bend

One of the best yoga poses to remove fatigue, stress, and anxiety from your mind is the Standing Forward Bend. Breathe heavily while bending forward helps in loosening up your spine along with other health benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of practicing yoga for anxiety. Keep reading.

Benefits of Yoga For Anxiety

  • Removes negative emotions from your mind
  • Calms your mind and soul
  • Makes your intuition strong
  • Decompresses your spine and other joints
  • Makes your body movement smooth
  • You learn things faster
  • Helps you make rational decisions in life
  • Increases joint agility in your body
  • Slows down the mental mechanism
  • Boosts concentration that helps you grasp everything with great detail
  • Ensures you do not overthink or think negatively about yourself
  • Helps you form a strong connection with your inner being
  • Raises your awareness or consciousness that aligns you with the Universe
  • Relaxes your muscles that help them grow without any hassle.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are so many benefits of practicing yoga for anxiety. However, that does not mean you can just jump over and start practicing yoga. Rather, learn a bit about how to practice different yoga poses.

In that case, you should enroll in a registered yoga school. Moreover, you should practice yoga under the guidance of a certified, knowledgeable, and experienced yoga master. Hence, check whether the yoga teacher you learn from has Yoga Alliance certification or not.

When it comes to yoga practice, you should never rush through the yoga practice. Rather, learn every yoga pose in great detail and practice it with perfect form to have the best results.

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