All About the Variants of covid-19

Coronavirus has evolved in the past few months, with a rise in different mutants and variants from different countries, the situation is the worst and needs to be controlled at a faster pace.

Covid is caused due to a single species known as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, it is proved that there are distinct other species of covid too. These different types are termed variants, mutants, and strains. Avoiding the confusion over here, these terms are used for the new sudden rise in cases analyzing the new symptoms and areas with high cases.

Avoiding the complex terminology, the term “coronavirus” is given to the virus particle or species while the term “Covid” is the actual disease and “Covid-19” is the term used for the pandemic.  Covid-19 virus variants

Before moving further, let’s understand


A mutant is a result of a mutation – which is a change in DNA or RNA (genetic materials) that produces something new when muted. It is a biological term that is used to refer to the fusion of different genetic materials in the body which produce a new species of disease. It is a genetic variant that is either fresh or occurs seldomly.


Covered with a protective layer of protein around them, the virus is a bundle of genetic material (DNA or RNA) that once gets into your body catches onto your cells. It can be transmitted through your mouth or nose as they are prone to air and water. This virus enters into your cells and continues to grow by making copies of itself. This sudden transmission of DNA and RNA infects other cells in the human body too, making the immune system weak and leading to diseases.

According to Dr. Rhoads – “If these advantageous genetic mistakes are included when the virus replicates, they’re passed on and eventually become part of the virus’s normal genome,”

The most dangerous variant which is causing a major concern around the world is the “delta” variant. The recent rise in the cases was because of the delta variant believed to emerge from the United Kingdom. It is a muted version of the variant which is proved to be more infectious than other variants and mutants.

The current strain, which is classified as the B.1.617.2 has emerged from Britain and is a “variant of concern” as stated by the supreme authority of the health system – WHO (World Health Organization). According to the organization and other health specialists, the “delta” variant is 60% more transmissible than the other strains of covid hence, a serious matter of concern.

CDC (Centres for Disease Prevention and Control) recently analyzed the rising cases of “delta” variant which accounted for 2.5% of the U.S total population in the mid-June, but now the ratio has increased to 6%, as stated by the National Institute of Health recently.


Apart from this, there were more infectious strains and variants from South Africa as well as Brazil which were dominant over the world in recent months. Each of these variants has its own bundle of mutation that carries spike protein – transmissible to each cell in the human body.



Doctors and health specialists here instruct and suggest that human behavior is crucial in order to control the sudden increase in coronavirus cases. The mutation increases when people are more prone to diseases. It is crucial to maintain COVID-19 safety protocols like washing hands frequently, wearing double masks, maintaining social distancing, and also practicing basic hygiene methods. These methods are important for reducing the spread of new variants which are more dangerous.

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