Finding Your Small Business Idea In Covid

Pandemic has hit us hard, making us lose our jobs and the dream to do something big. Many emerging businesses have to shut down because of the lack of customer engagement and revenue. During these hard times, many small businesses emerged as a way to provide hope and light. Social media was fluid with people starting up their small plots and it gave inspiration to others too.

The small audience was gradually converted into a big customer engagement group with a number of people selling and trading online. Work from home was the only source of income left for even big businesses. Social media took a turn and turned the inspiration of several people into something practical and real.

Small businesses are a great way to enter into the world of business and marketing, requiring minimal or no investment money, the methods can be utilized by even beginners and students for some extra side hustle.

To prevent your lockdown period from getting boring, enhancing and polishing your trading skills, here are some small businesses ideas that can be started by anyone regardless of their age and will make your lockdown journey more fruitful –


When we talk about online marketing, e-commerce is the one that tops the list. From trading online to generating maximum advertisement revenue, e-commerce is a developing field with a higher pace to earn. This field includes shopping online from various websites, the most popular ones being Amazon and Flipkart. Selling and buying of distinct goods and services such as – furniture, books, cosmetics, medicines, home decor, utensils, clothes, fashion apparel – all come under e-commerce. The current pandemic has been really hard on the retail store workers out there. With the introduction of online e-commerce platforms, these retailers can set up their own websites and start trading and earning online.


Indeed, the best for students, freelancing is a great career path where students can provide services or set up their own freelancing platform in no time. If you are passionate about writing and want to convert it into a business of yours, all you need is marketing knowledge and a sharp mind. One can write articles, blogs, website content, social media content, resumes, newsletters, and more. There are plenty of firms that require these deliveries and can pay you a favorable amount. Writers and copywriters have been high in demand ever since the lockdown was imposed and people started working online. One can take up free courses from udemy, Coursera to learn about SEO optimization and marketing skills. This is all you need to start with your own small business journey in freelance writing.


Online teaching is another great way to polish your teaching skills and earn some extra pockets. The demand for online education is further increased because of the covid lockdown, where maximum studies were started up on an online platform, from classes to notes and webinars, everything was done from the comfort of home. If you are passionate about showcasing and educating children, online education is the right choice for you. Can be started part-time, the subject depends on what you choose, and what you are good at, educating requires in-depth knowledge and communication skills. Maths, history, geography, biology, etc, there are plenty of subjects and levels to start with. You can create a community online with sufficient students and enhance your teaching skills. Online teaching communities will even help you to connect with more people on a global platform thus, expand your business.


The most popular one among the youth, the field requires social media tools for business and websites. One should have deep knowledge about publishing and content management tools of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Customer engagement, gathering traffic to pages and published content, managing the insight are the activities under the category of social media marketing. One can have a secure and remunerative career path as a social media marketing professional for magazines, newspapers, or even any niche website.

To get started with social media management, all you need is an electronic device such as a phone or laptop and a reliable internet connection. There are thousands of online websites and e-papers, e-magazine looking for social media managers to manage their social media accounts and increase their reach by getting more likes, comments, and insights. Social media is an excellent way to promote business online, thus many firms are adopting the customer reach techniques of an online platform for more traffic and revenue.

Working from home has been easier with the correct methods and tricks. Apart from the fields mentioned above, affiliate marketing, home catering, and bakery services, cleaning services are some more fields one can start with. One can do this from the comfort of their home without having to step out of their houses.

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