Best Camping Sites in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is located in the hilly state of Uttarakhand, making it ideal for Rishikesh camping. There are numerous camping sites along the Ganga’s banks, and the beaches here are ideal for participating in a variety of sports. During the day, a variety of adventure sports are organized for visitors, and at night, they can sleep under the stars and in the harmony of nature when camping in Rishikesh.

The city also has ghats that can be visited to witness the aartis. Only when you experience nature’s majesty on a cold dark night while sitting by a warm fire and spotting the brightest star does the mighty nature overwhelm you. Uttarakhand is a place where travelers can look forward to camping and bonfires. Plan a camping trip to Rishikesh and immerse yourself in a variety of activities. The Rishikesh camps, with their well-kept surroundings, panoramic views, and uninterrupted valleys, are an ideal place to spend a day or two. These accommodations have basic amenities, good food, and a variety of activities that have been carefully curated to make your vacation enjoyable. A camping trip to one of these locations could be the best deal for your weekend!

Aspen Adventures

Aspen Camps welcome you with a variety of adventure activities in Rishikesh, clean Swiss Tents, cleaner environs, and positive vibes. Experiment with various adventure activities such as whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, flying fox, and waterfall rappelling. Aspen Adventures is the ideal location for camping in Rishikesh. Aspen Camp has been a host to over 1 lac plus guests in our 11 years of 100 percent safe operations and maintaining a 98 percent guest satisfaction ratio in post-vacation surveys. We are registered with the Ministry of Tourism of India and Uttarakhand Tourism. We are approximately 5 hours drive from New Delhi and are only 9 kilometers from Laxmanjhulla, Rishikesh on the Neelkanth Road.

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Rendezvous Rafting Camp

Rendezvous Camp, set in a scenic and picturesque natural setting, is an ideal place to reconnect with family and friends. It provides the opportunity to enjoy nature in the arms of the divine Ganges and the lush green Himalayas. Rendezvous Rafting Camp is the place to go if you love nature and want to experience the thrill of adventure every day. Well-maintained tents, clean toilets, good food, especially the evening snacks, and a diverse range of activities make the Rendezvous camping experience memorable. This rafting camp is well-known for its luxurious cottages, and if you can afford to splurge on your lodging, this is where your extra cash will come in handy.

Camp Ganga Riviera

The Camp Ganga Riviera, which sits quietly on the banks of the Ganga, is a camper’s dream. This location is interesting because of the greenfields, meandering rivers, and magnificent nature that surrounds it. Beyond the charming hula bridge, the jungle camp is a 2-kilometer walk from the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway. This is an ideal location for camping and adventure activities, and you can plan a memorable outing here with family or friends. The camp is surrounded by beaches and jungles, and it offers a spectacular view of the mighty Himalayas, which rise from behind the forest. The Wall is the most difficult rapid on the Rishikesh Ganges. It is the ultimate adrenaline rush for any white water rafting enthusiast. Because it is such a difficult task, only a few camps exist.

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Cradle Of Life

Cradle of Life is another fantastic campsite in Rishikesh. The camp provides everything from vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to exciting activities such as rappelling and volleyball. You can enjoy the surreal beauty of the surroundings while staying here for a relaxing staycation. You will have the best days of your life here, whether you are with family or friends. You won’t find a better camp than this one if you want to stay in an open backyard for outdoor activities like campfires or volleyball. Anyone can be swayed by the breathtaking view of Cradle of Life. Tourists can experience new energy while staying at this beautiful luxury camp in Rishikesh: energy that can fill anyone’s soul with joy. Chess, Ludo King, Badminton, Carrom, Playing Cards, and other games are available at Shivpuri’s Cradle of Life Campsite. Rafting adds adventure to your life, and waterfall trekking is spectacular in its own right. The evening music and Rainy Dance are the best parts: It appears that one of our dreams has come true. Simply forget about the rest of the world and enjoy the taste of happiness. Guests can enjoy a bonfire night with their loved ones at Cradle of Life Camps under the glittering stars and emerald sea. The Best Winter Trek In India

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